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Company Overview

Peoriv Technology Co., Ltd. is the advanced global hotel system solutions provider which is dedicated to providing hotel communication system and media system solutions in order to upgrade hotel's competitive strength through deploying perfect hotel communication and media systems which make the customers enjoy communication and entertainment, rich the customers lives and communications in both travelling and business.

Nowadays, the entertainment hotel rooms is a need full portion, and Peoriv hotel media system just meets this demand which has provided strong engine for hotel industry in communication and entertainment all over the world. Over the years, adhering to the spirit of hard work dedicated professional in the hotel room entertainment, we helped our customers improve hotel services and win a sustainable competitive advantage. We have been successful for the global and local high-end hotels to provide the network communications and media solutions, products, and services.

As early as 1998, the former Peoriv began to involve in the hotel in-house integration services. After 10 years of exploration and efforts, Peoriv has already known the hotel guests' needs of media and network. Peoriv is providing a full range of hotel media systems consulting, solutions and products to help its clients plan room media systems, increase business value, enhance the competitiveness of the hotel.

Peoriv recognizes the user's need, adhering to the service aim "create value for the user", continuously improves and implements projects consistent with international standards of management and quality management system. It has carried out practical applications in several five-star hotels to help them to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel. Peoriv won the broad trust of users with the high-quality and the high cost effectiveness.

As the rapid development of various industries, the hotel industry should follow closely the IT development. Therefore, Peoriv continuously invests in R&D, technology, service and human resources to meet the changing needs of users, and to innovate products and technical solutions, to strengthen the "R&D, technology and innovation"-the core competitiveness, in order to make Peoriv's technical strength and service capabilities continue to stand on the top of the world in the same area.