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R & D

The capability to meet the clients’ needs and continuously innovate is the resource to develop rapidly for Peoriv, therefore Peoriv has insisted on investing more than 15% revenue into R&D for a long term to introduce the relative products and solutions for meeting the future demand for the hotels and improve people’s quality of life and entertainment.

Peoriv has set up R&D institutes in the main technical hot spots such as China, the United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Over 30% of employees directly engaged in the R&D. Worldwide synchronized R&D system increases the collaboration efficiency on one hand, on the other hand it also allows Peoriv to quickly integrate the regional and advanced technologies into new products, thus improves the competitiveness of the product itself.

Peoriv cooperates with universities in joint research projects by use of its R&D strengths in related fields, and established Joint Research Group which aims at strengthen the technical cooperation and exchanges with first-class scientific research personnel to promote the rapid transformation of scientific research.

Since the company was established, Peoriv has input a lot into the standard and patents, up to now Peoriv has gotten a number of national patents.

Leaded by the international professional management team, Peoriv adheres to the technical progress and innovation-oriented, accurately grasp the hotel industry treads, aim at information-oriented hotels, continuously forge ahead, is committed to being a leader in the hospitality industry and the creator of new technology.