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School & Enterprise

Peoriv cooperates with various institutions, especially cooperation in producing, studying, researching. On one hand, university research is mainly concentrated in the forefront of the industry chain, emphasis on theory, but the corporate R&D foucuses on the application level; on the other hand, universities have many technology professionals human resources, but Peoriv has a deep understanding in industry applications and the latest developments in the world. As the result, Peoriv and the institutions can fully use their resources advantages to realize complementary for each other.

For enterprises, activation of the company’s R&D capability and ensure the smooth progress of the company’s basic research, strengthen the company’s technological competitiveness, thus ensuring the company’s long-term development goals.

For universities, as the Peoriv’s R&d activities often stand in the forefront of global technology development, through the cooperation with Peoriv, universities can break their own seal to understand the latest trends of the global technology, can broaden their views, and improve their R&D level and capabilities.