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Just starting out in your career? Or are you a seasoned professional looking to move up in the world? Whatever you’re level of experience, we can give you the opportunity to fulfill your ambitions in a working environment that’s as stimulating as it is challenging.
Our success depends on the skills and talents of highly motivated, highly trained people who are willing to challenge accepted ways of doing things.

Students and graduates
If you’re studying for your first degree, or if you’re a graduate with less than two years’ work experience, we can give you opportunities to use and develop your talents. This could involve a general internship or industrial placement in one of our companies.
If you have two years’ experience or more, we can help you take your career to the next level. We have opportunities in several, varied areas, including: sales, marketing, research & development, engineering, human resources, information technology, supply chain, purchasing and finance.

At Peoriv, you’ll find a unique workplace with a diverse mix of personalities and expertise. Our people have talent, creative drive and enthusiasm. And that’s reflected in an atmosphere where you’re encouraged to achieve your full potential – in whichever area of the business you’re in.

Finance & Control
Help us make critical decisions and come up with profitable ideas. You’ll do this by providing management with financial support, information, analysis and much more.  
Roles include: business unit controller, accounting manager, economic and finance manager, corporate insurance manager, auditor and treasurer.

Marketing & Sales
Building brand awareness is crucial to our success. In Marketing & Sales you’ll develop, introduce and reposition our brands and products. And you’ll work with departments such as R&D, production, logistics and finance to find new ways of answering the needs of our customers.  
Roles include: product manager, account manager, sales manager, area manager, marketing manager and (international) business analyst.

Research & Development
You’ll develop new products and processes, and improve existing ones. And you’ll come up with new and better ideas to help our customers stay competitive.  
Roles include: product developer, research scientist, quality control manager, project manager, research manager and development manager.

Production & Engineering
You’ll design, implement or manage our plants. You’ll help us resolve bottlenecks, minimize delays and introduce new process features.
Roles include: process (development) engineer, plant engineer, maintenance engineer, technology manager, plant manager, site manager and engineering consultant.

Other opportunities
Logistics: supply chain manager, manager production planning
Purchasing: strategic purchasing analyst, strategic purchase manager
Human Resources: human resources manager, recruiter, talent manager, training & education manager, compensation manager
Communications: brand manager, web design manager, internal/external communications manager
ICT: IT manager, application specialist, project support officer
Legal:  corporate insurance manager, intellectual property attorney, legal affairs manager