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Peoriv’s HDMP Software National Computer Sofeware

Peoriv’s HDMP Software Registered National Computer Sofeware Copyright
By People’s republic China intellectual property law of Regulation for Computer Software Protection and Registration of Computer Software Copyright Procedures, Peoriv Corp registered National Computer Software Copyright to National Copyright Administration for our HDMP software which is a HD media access platform with Peoriv’s HDMP products. Now HDMP software is legally Peoriv’s intellectual property.
In recent years, the competition within the hotel operators is increasing. In addition to the traditional competitive aspects, how to leverage technological innovations to improve services is more and more Prominent. This means that hotel operators must utilize new technologies to meet guests’ demands for personalized entertainment in room, for example, enabling guests connect their portable devices to the HD media such as HDTV in room.
Peoriv’s HDMP products have both stylish exterior and easy operative interface. Through HDMP, hotel guests can connect their own portable audio/video devices such as IPOD or Bluetooth cell phone to the HDTV in room. Guests are greatly satisfied with the hotels that equip those products like HDMP in their rooms. Peoriv HDMP helps raise your hotel brand to a higher level.
Peoriv, highly recognized our R&D capabilities by authorities with HDMP software copyright, provides whole set of hotel entertainment solutions.