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Peoriv is certified as Innovative Enterprise

Peoriv is certified as Innovative Enterprise

Peoriv is certified as Haidian District Innovative Enterprise recently. At the same time, Peoriv is certified as Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise.
Innovative Enterprise Certification (IEC) is a project run by the government of Haidian District, Beijing City, which is targeted to promote the High-tech enterprises to be the major industry share in Zhuangguancun, Haidian District. IEC certifies the companies that equipped with innovative technologies and abilities. As a result, the companies that are certified can receive a series of special support and incentives from the government. This is to help IEC companies grow healthy and fast.
Getting IEC successfully is the reflection of Peoriv’s continuous progress of its independent R & D ability. It is also the recognition of Peoriv’s capacity for independent innovation, contribution for economic development and technological progress from Haidian District government .

Peoriv’s mandate is to promote your hotel’s comfort by technology. Our innovative R & D team solves customer’s challenges and creates values for customers.