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HD Wireless relay series

To connect the HDMP with the HD TV through the wireless way. It solving the trouble which the cables cannot be connected easily during the implementation of solution.HDMP2000-Wireless relay device can connect the HDMP2000with the HD TV by the way of wireless. 

HDMP2000-wireless relay device conclude one sender and one receiver. During the whole deployment of the HDMP solution, wireless sender connecting to the HDMI output interface which back of the HDMP2000 and the wireless receiver is connecting the HDMI interface of the TV. 

1.Supporting the wireless transmission
HDMP2000-Wireless relay device is connecting the HDMP2000 with TV through the wireless. This way solve the trouble that threading holes in the walls, thus reduces the difficulty of deploying HDMP.
2.Can support the transmission distance 30m, along with the ability of passing through the wall.
3.HDMP2000-Wireless relay device can transfer the HD signal by wireless,and it expand the distance between the HDMP2000 and the TV from 15m to 30m.Along with the ability of passing through the wall.IT solves the problem which beyond the transmission range caused by the too large hotel suite area.
4.Support for 1080P video without delay
HDMP-Wireless relay device can support for the 1080P HD video, less than 1millisecond delay that makes the game and a variety of interactive applications very flexible.
5.Plug and play
HDMP-Wireless relay device need no settings except the connecting it to TV.


Transmission range

30m empty indoors


Support HDMI1.3Support WHDI1.0Support HDCP1.2

 Light Status

Wireless light


→ Wireless network connection successful


→ Wireless network connection failed

Fast flashing

→ Equipment unusual

 Video light


  Video signal output normally


→ Video signal output failed


Wireless sender

HDMI InputIR signal OutputPower InputThe code button

Wireless receiver

HDMI OutputFemale );IR signal OutputPower Input

MINIUSB OutputThe code button

Operating voltage

External power supply 5V /2A Input

Power consumption



85 X 135 (mm)

Temperature range

0 ~ 40°COperating temperature)-20~60°CStorage temperature

1. Larger rooms
High-end hotel usually has a large guest room,some of them have not put the desk and the TV together, in this terms, when we install the HDMP, the needing HDMI cable which connecting the HDMP2000 and the TV is longer than 15m,for avoiding it ,we can use the wireless way.
2. High-end hotel suite
Many Business Suite or the Presidential Suite of high-end hotel usually have multiple rooms, in this terms, we can also use the wireless way to avoid the deploying connecting line difficult caused by the complex room Structure .
3. The operated hotel
Because the overall renovation of the operated hotel has been completed,if we use the wired way to install the HDMP, it will damage to the room's overall decoration effect. In this addition, we suggest to use the wireless way  . 

HDMP2000-Wireless relay device concludes one sender and one receiver.