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Guest room Entertainment Solution

In the context of growing autonomy in the entertainment, the audio and video contents the hotel provides have not been concerned by the customers gradually. Today more and more people on the business trip or travelers like carrying various of portable video and entertainment gadgets (such as iPod,MP3,mobile DVD, PlayStation, Xbox, laptop, digital camera or digital video camcorder and so on.) With the development and popularization of the personal audio/video equipment and high definition televisions with big flat-screen, more hotel customers incline to use the hotel facility to display their own contents. For instance, to connect their own portable gadget to the HD TV at the hotel, so that they can both enjoy independent video content, also can experience the feeling of watching the HD television’s big screen simultaneously.


Therefore, for high-end hotels, the future development trend of guest rooms entertainment system will solve the access problem between the customer’s personal equipment and the hotel facilities, and ensure the high quality of output effect, but not affect the rooms’ neatness and beautifulness.
1.Access easily
2.Artistic and fashionable
3.HD Experience
To meet the above needs for customers, to promote the hotel brand image in the consumers’ mind and hotel market competitiveness is of vital importance.


Although there are TVs with big flat-screen in the high-end hotels, it is very hard for customers to connect their own equipment to the TV, especially in most of high-end hotels which have already installed TV walls in rooms which enclose all the interfaces, so that the customers can not connect their equipment to the TV. Even though they connect their equipment to the TV via some cables, the cables make people tripped easily and make the room a mess and unaesthetic. And sometimes you can connect to the TV directly, but do not get the good HD visual experience.


Peoriv Guest room Entertainment Solution makes it available to connect the personal equipment to the HD TV via the Peoriv HDMP which is beside the HD TV, in order to meet the customers’ application demands and improve the hotel brand image and market competitiveness.
This solution can make various accesses available, such as video, audio, storage cards, blue tooth.
-It can connect the laptop, UMPC to the hotel room media system via VGA interface.
-It can connect MP4, iPhone, iPod, mobile DVD to the hotel room media system via AV interface.
-It can connect the latest digital camera, mobile phone with HDMI interface to the hotel room media system via HDMI interface.
-It can connect all kind of storage cards, such as USB flash disk, TF, CF, MS, SD, Mini SD to the hotel room media system via storage card interface.
-It can connect the music in mobile phone to the hotel room media system via Bluetooth.
-It can connect the laptop, UMPC to the Internet via the monodirectional telescoping RJ45 interface which can protect the hotel investment.


The hotel does not need to remodel the existing cables to rearrange the media interfaces in the rooms through our Peoriv HDMP; customers can use and enjoy the room entertainment facility with plug and play the relative equipment.
1.Peoriv HDMP is designed with radiused panel according to the latest European interior decoration style. We use high glaze lacquer to get piano lacquer effect, also provide a variety of color collocation to conform to the hotel VI design. The whole product has artistic and fashionable visual impact which can strengthen the high-end hotels brand image.
2.The hotels can show all the interfaces to their customers through the deployment of Peoriv HDMP, so that the customers can connect their portable gadgets to the HD TV easily.
3.Peoriv HDMP can avoid directly plug in or out the HD TV interfaces by customers, thus the hotel can reduce the loss ratio of TV interfaces and protect the investment.
4.Peoriv HDMP can convert many ordinary audio/video interfaces into a HD interface which can improve the visual signal effect and reduce the difficulty and requirement.
5.The hotel customers can read the picture on the HD TV via Peroriv HDMP when they return the hotel without any data wire. It is very convenient for those careless.
6.The hotel customers can display their music which stored in their mobile phone via Bluetooth through Peoriv HDMP. This function can avoid complex connecting and reduce the times of room service.
7.Peoriv HDMP can provide USB port recharging for most person digital gadgets. This function can solve the problem when the customers forget to bring the recharger, and also can reduce the hotel labor cost.
8.Peoriv HDMP provides a monodirectional telescoping RJ45 interface for customers to access the Internet. This is not only convenient for customers but also decreasing the loss for the hotel.
9.Peoriv HDMP solution can customize logo for the hotel, which helps the customer to recognize the hotel and helps the hotel strengthen their brand image.