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Next Generation Reservation Solution

With the development of fast-paced life and falling into the habit of using Internet, more and more people hope that they can book hotel rooms through the Internet. Therefore, many high-end hotels established their own hotel rooms reservation system and hope that their customers can book rooms very conveniently through the introduction of the new technology.


Therefore, for the high-end hotels, the development trend of NGRS is that enable the customers to check in or check out by themselves with the membership card in the reserved time.Through the deployment of the NGRS, hotels increase the hotel customer satisfaction degree in one aspect, and also reduce the operation cost simultaneously.


Although many high-end hotels provide online or call room reservation, they just solved the sales of the rooms, but not solved the check in or check out.

1.For the hotel customers, they need transact the related formalities when they check in or check out. Sometimes, they need stand in line or wait for waiters to check the room especially in the tourist season.
2.For the hotels, former reservation system only provided the channels through Internet orders, not only reduced the workload of staff, but also increased the operation cost.
Peoriv NGRS solution enable hotel customers to book hotel rooms through the Internet, and then they can open the related hotel room door with their membership card to stay in the hotel within the reserved time.
Peoriv NGRS consists of the following four parts.
  • Internet reservation subsystem
  • Membership subsystem
  • Gate control subsystem
  • payment subsystem

Each subsystem certain functions, and can associate with other systems. The whole system completes the whole process of the reservation through effective integration. The whole system can provide the corresponding interfaces which can interconnect with other systems in the hotel.



1.The deployment of this solution enables the hotel customers avoid the check in or the check out relative inconvenience, especially when too many people are waiting in line.
2.This system associating with membership can contribute to develop the hotel members and promote the hotel brand image in the consumers’ mind and hotel market competitiveness.
3.This system can optimize the flow, reduce the workload of the staff and decrease the hotel operation cost.